AICE (Associazione Italiana di Ingegneria Economica) is the Italian Association for Total Cost Management.

AICE was founded in 1979 and is a nonpolitical and nonprofit association that aims to promote the culture of Total Cost Management in Italy.

In order to reach its goals, AICE:

AICE has different membership categories, both for individuals and corporate bodies and like all associations, is governed by an Executive Board elected every three years. The Executive Board is composed of a President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer, a Secretary and an ICEC delegate.

It is recognized internationally as a member of ICEC (International Cost Engineering Council). Like all the ICEC associations, AICE has an important role in organizing seminars and events: in 2014, AICE had the privilege to organize the IX ICEC World Congress in Milan.

AICE is the only Italian entity accredited by the ICEC that can provide the professional Certification in Total Cost Management.