The celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the establishment of AICE continue. After the event of last March 28th in Milan we propose with the same format, another meeting in Rome on May 29, 2019 at 18:00 at the Hotel degli Aranci - via Barnaba Oriani, 11 Roma.

Our associates are special guests as they always support us and believe in our values during the last 40 years! The program includes a brief speech on the topic of costs and benefits, a sharing of ideas and to follow a convivial moment. Registration form is available on Eventbrite  (https://quarantesimoaice_roma.eventbrite.it)

The date of March 28, 1979 represents the formal moment in which the Cost Engineering discipline officially enters our country. Founded on the idea of ​​developing useful skills to evaluate and value works for their entire life cycle, the discipline seems to have suddenly become crucial precisely in the year of the fortieth anniversary of its recognition in Italy. In the context of the anniversary celebrations, it seemed useful, and even appropriate, to define the logic, approaches and methods of cost-benefit analysis, one of the building blocks of the discipline when it comes to assessing the appropriateness and value of a public or private work to design and build.

The skills of the Association in this regard can help to understand what it actually is, as a function, what are the attentions to use to carry it out and, above all, what are the objective and subjective arguments that the technique imposes in taking the final decision on opportunity or not to carry out the work.

This is the conceptual stimulus from which we would like to start to organize the traditional autumn event, open to the public with international connotations and which constitutes the starting point for an association that knows how to make its presence felt in our country.

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