The AICE Day 2019 was held on Novembre 22nd in Milan. Great was the participation and very interesting the contributions of all the speakers presenting their point of view on the proposed topic: the Cost/Benefit Analysis and its relationship with the concept of Value.

The participation of foreign guest was particularly strong: AICE event hosted delegates of many other associations from Italy, Europe, and from many other parts in the world: Switzerland, UK, France, The Netherlands, Slovenia, USA, Iran, Australia, Ghana. Special thanks for their participation to Mr. Kwadwo Osei-Asante (President of the ICEC), Dr. Peter Smith (ICEC Secretary General) and Mr. Alec Ray (Director of ICEC Region 2).

The future of a Country (as well as the future of a Continent) depends on the ability of its people to approach choices arising from political visions of common and non-personal interest. Those who possess logic and tools to deal with hard decisions must explain how the value of an asset (that must last over time!) is strongly connected with the basic personal and community values.

Since ever, AICE proposes itself as a credible interlocutor: it has the methods, the mental approach to make it work, the ability to share and spread it through its training activities.

During the day, the identity themes that characterize our association have been presented through different interventions and testimonies of people who daily live the embarrassment of the objectivity of professionalism in the face of the subjectivity of many decision makers. The intent is to show how the value of a work (generally understood exclusively in an economic sense), must be extended to non-strictly monetary characters and that this is possible in methodological objectivity if all stakeholders do their duty, and despite the technical difficulties that this often involves.

Thanks to all the companies, institutions, and organizations that joined the idea of this eventi and allowed its success.






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