On last May 19th, a think tank format seminar entitled ‘Planning and steering of major asset projects in high risk and highly regulated environment’ was held in Frankfurt.

The event was co-organized by LGI Consulting and E.ON with the aim to trigger the identification and sharing of best practices and recommended approaches to enhance project management processes.

In addition to project managers from E.ON, in particular from the nuclear plant decommissioning business unit, experts from various sectors with wide project management international experience were involved. They contributed to the discussions starting from real problem cases and issues introduced by E.ON managers.

Massimiliano Arena, member of AICE board and former Vice-President, attended the meeting, representing AICE. 

The roundtable was structured in two steps:

In the first session, the innovative LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology was implemented and facilitated by LGI coach Chloe Chavardes, in order to share experiences, highlight critical project issues and focus on relevant solutions implemented.  All of these experiences were literally ‘constructed’ using a selected set of LEGO bricks. A meaningful phase was the final one, when the ‘constructed experiences’ were exchanged and complemented by each other.

In the second session, a more standard approach was used and the main subjects in project management typical idiosyncrasies were debated. The general open-minded environment built up in the first phase, enabling the participants to give straight opinions on some methodologies used in their projects and to comment on an operative point of view the limits and benefits of project management tools with specific reference to planning idiosyncrasies and risk management systems.

Some interesting and strategic issues behind a nuclear plant decommissioning program were debated, and a strong interaction between operative project management and total cost engineering was appreciated in terms of relevant business case.

The diverse background of the experts and the proactive coordination resulted in giving different perspectives of the project management business sharing, among others, the conclusion that communication, proficiency in so-called ‘soft skills’ and balanced leadership are common areas of improvement needing continuous focus and progress.

Attendees were given the opportunity to engage in a fruitful dialogue within different sectors and to enrich their project management network.

AICE welcomes this type of initiative and looks forward to other future opportunities to foster cooperation in and synergy between Project Management and Total Cost Management.

An event by LGI Consulting in collaboration with E.ON

ABOUT LGI Consulting
LGI Consulting is a European innovation management consultancy. Services range from strategic studies, stakeholder analyses, technological marketing and business modelling, to project management and public communication. The firm designs workshops using various methods, including LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, for all types of private and public organisations to enhance innovation and business performance.

More information: http://lgi-consulting.com/lego-serious-play/




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