Di seguito riportiamo la versione integrale dell'Accredito ICEC valida per il periodo 2013-2018. Tale accredito sarà utilizzato come riferimento fino al 2018. 

Accreditation of the Certification Programmes

Accreditation of the course in Total Cost Management (Ingegneria Economica)
Renewal from 2013 to 2018

 1. Purpose of the request

 The AICE – Associazione Italiana di Ingegneria Economica, holds the accreditation by the ICEC of the following:

  • the full certificate of Certified Cost Engineer CCE/ICECA (Esperto in Ingegneria Economica) that has been granted for the first time in 1993;
  • the lower level certificate of Cost Engineering Practitioner CEP/ICECA (Praticante in Ingegneria Economica) that has been granted for the first time in year 2000;
  • the accreditation of the Course in Total Cost Management, that has been granted for the first time in year 2003.

All the above accreditation, that were due to expire by the end of February 2013, have been extended by the ICEC until the 31sof December, 2013.

The AICE is now pleased to request that all the above accreditation be renewed for five year term, namely until the 31sof December, 2018.

If we refer to the previously accredited certification programmes, we note the following modification:

  • The body of knowledge has been updated, his structure has been partially modified including all the contents of the previous BOK.
  • The formative course have been reshaped as well as updated.
  • Examination criteria have been updated.
  • A full guide to the certification (in Italian) has been published

2. Contact persons

Reference persons for this procedure are:

  • Dott. Ing. Gianluca di Castri, Past–President and Delegate of the AICE, e–mail Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.
  • Dott. Emanuele Banchi, President of the AICE, e–mail Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

3. Characteristics of the AICE

The AICE, Associazione Italiana di Ingegneria Economica, is a non–governmental, private society, constituted under public act, not incorporated, as per Italian law on private societies.

It is a non profit organization, fully independent in all decisions regarding the certification programmes. 

4. Certifications

The full certificate of CCE/ICECA has the same purpose of all CCE certificates accredited in the world, while the lower certificate of CEP/ICECA has been created with the double purpose of being the entry–level certificate for graduate people, who aims at becoming full CCE in the future, as well as being the certificate for experienced undergraduate people working in total cost management.

The certified people shall have the right to use the ICEC logo according to the ICEC regulations and the post–nominals CCE/ICECA or EIE/ICECA for the Experts and CEP/ICECA or PIE/ICECA for Practictioners; as an alternative, they can use the full title of:

  • Esperto in Ingegneria Economica (certificato AICE – accreditato ICEC) or Praticante in Ingegneria Economica (certificato AICE – accreditato ICEC) in Italian
  • Certified Cost Engineer (certified by the AICE – accredited by the ICEC) or Cost Engineering Practitioner (certified by the AICE – accredited by the ICEC) in English.

5. Procedure

The procedure is started by the candidate, who presents a request of being certified together with the documents certifying the requirements as specified under the following item:

  • self–assessment form
  • curriculum vitae
  • original paper – thesis or report on work experience that shall be used as framework for the oral discussion

The commission shall decide whether the candidate can be admitted to the exam.

The exam shall be composed by written exam and oral discussion. For renewals a simplified procedure shall be put in operation, while for escalation from PIE to EIE the complete procedure shall be applied.

6. Requirements

Requirement for certifications shall be in accordance to the following framework:

  1. Academic background – up to a maximum of 200 points:
    1. University Courses – 10 points per each single course of al least 180 hours, with the exclusion of the courses that are relevant to total cost management or related matter as well as of the course included in a degree or master curriculum
    2. Post–University Courses – as above
    3. Specific courses in Cost Management, cost engineering, project management and related matter – as above, 15 points per single course
    4. University degree (3 or 4 years: laurea, bachelor) – 100 points
    5. University degree (5 years: laurea magistrale) – 150 points
    6. Master (not less than 400 hours) – 50 points
    7. Doctorate – 50 points
    8. Seminars, minor courses – 5 points each
    9. Congresses – 5 points
    10. AICE / ICEC congresses – 10 points (IPMA and PMI congresses can be granted the same points)
  2. Formative background in total cost management – up to a maximum of 200 points:
    1. Full AICE course in Total Cost Management (accredited by the ICEC) – 200 points
    2. Partial AICE course in Total Cost Management (accredited by the ICEC) – 20 points for each module.
    3. Courses of other ICEC associations – up to 200 points, at a ratio of 20 point for 24 hours of lesson.
    4. Other courses in Total Cost Management or related matter – up to 120 points, at a ratio of 12 points for 24 hours of lesson.
  3. Professional background and other experience – up to a maximum of 400 points:
    1. Full time work with role of responsibility in total cost management, contract management, cost engineering, project management, project controls and related matter – 50 points per year.
    2. Full time work in engineering and construction or other project oriented organisation – 25 points per year
    3. Other full time work – up to 20 points per year
    4. Teaching and lecturing – 20 points per year; up to 50 points per year if related to total cost management, contract management, cost engineering, project management, project controls and related matter
    5. Papers – up to 150 points total, up to 25 points for each paper
    6. Other activities – up to 100 points
  4. Exam, 200 points as standard (can be increased up to 300 points with honors)

The score required for the admission to the exams is the following:

  • as Practitioner 300 points
  • as Expert 550 points

The score required for the certification is the following:

  • as Practitioner 500 points
  • as Expert 750 points.

Passing the exam is required in order to be certified.

7. Course in Total Cost Management

The course in Total Cost Management can be organized in different Italian towns as per actual requirements, in cooperation with local Universities as well as other formative Institutions. The duration of the course shall be not less than 144 hours.

The course shall cover the whole body of knowledge in six different discipline, namely:

  • Cost Engineering
  • Project Financing & Business economics and finance
  • Planning, Scheduling
  • Progress & Cost Control
  • Risk Management
  • Contract Management and Forensics

8. Certifying Body

The certifying body, as per the bylaws of the AICE, is appointed by the Board of Directors in accordance with the requirement for the ICEC accreditation.

The certifying body reserves the right to deputise one or two members for interviews and admission session.

9. Validity

Both certifications shall be valid for 5 years. Recertification shall be allowed under simplified procedure, based on information and documents submitted by the candidate (evidence can be required) or continuing professional development.

10. Public disclosure

All examination procedures, as well as the minutes of the oral exams, shall be subject to public disclosure.

In detail:

  • responsibilities of the certifying body shall be defined in an official document to be issued by the AICE;
  • the body of knowledge is enclosed;
  • the programme of certification is free from any discrimination relevant to age, sex, race, religion, nationality, disability or marital status;
  • the application and testing procedures are subject to review to ensure that they are fair and equitable;
  • the tests shall be done, at least once a year, in Milan; the AICE reserves to make more sessions, in Milan or elsewhere, according to the actual number of candidates;
  • the test results shall be notified to the candidates within one week from the last test;
  • the failing persons shall be notified, under their request, about their areas of deficiency, this notification shall be oral and subject to the privacy requirement of the Italian law;
  • all the examination results shall be kept confidential as required by the ltalian law;
  • the results of the examination are subject to appeal to the Association itself, as well as to the administrative or judiciary appeal to the proper courts as provided for in the Italian laws and regulations.

The list of the certified people shall be published on the AICE website, taking into consideration the laws and regulations on privacy matter.

The whole procedure shall also be in accordance with UNI regulation 17024 for certification of persons.

11. Public responsibilities

The examinations shall be set up to ensure that the successful candidate has an adequate knowledge, skill and ability in the required fields.

The certificates are duly registered in a roaster, updated at least twice a year. This roaster is publicly accessible by written request (however, the candidates could require their names be kept confidential and not disclosed as per law no 675/1996).

The certified people shall be subject to the rules of professional discipline stated in the Association Memorandum and other related documents, even in case they are not members of the Association. 

12. Code of Ethics

Besides the Body of Knowledge and relevant competencies, the candidate has to demonstrate to be properly informed about business and professional ethics, with reference to the code of ethics of the ICEC as well as to the corresponding code included in the memorandum of incorporation of the AICE.

13. Referred documents

  1. Body of knowledge
  2. Course in Total Cost Management

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