The AICE celebrates in 2019 the 40th anniversary of the constitution of the Association (March 28th, 1979).

The topic we chose to celebrate is Cost/Benefit Analysis that we consider representative of Total Cost Management content: principles, methodologies, tools, applications associated to the whole asset life cycle. During the AICE Day 2019 and during other events organized in Milan and Rome this year, this topic has been analysed under different perspectives: technical, political (decision makers), international, tools, and experiences.

Let’s spend a few words to give some thanks for the success of the events that we organized this year, especially the AICE Day that was held on November 22nd, 2019 in Milan.

Firstly, thanks to our associates because with their presence make the AICE a “living” association: they are the reason why our association exists and to them we address our gratitude. Same thanks go to the AICE board that supported the organization of this year of intense activities.

Thanks to the speakers, that have dedicated their time to prepare the presentations, proposing valuable contents.

Thanks to those who worked to organize this event, specially to our events manager Laura who made a great job in Milan and Rome and to the staff of the venues where we held our meetings (special thanks to Paolo of Hotel NH Milano Touring). We are sure that all the participants appreciated the hospitality and the organization.

Then of course, thanks to those who joined us, because all the events and meetings had been thought and designed for them. Their participation is the success of this year’s initiatives.

A special thanks to all the guests coming from other countries and from other continents, because some of them made a quite long journey to join us (especially for the AICE Day). They come from Switzerland, UK, France, The Netherlands, Slovenia but also from USA, Iran, Australia, Ghana.

And so, thanks to the ICEC board that joined with enthusiasm our project and promoted the AICE day all over the world. AICE is a member of ICEC since 1980. The 21th of November, we organized in Milan a coordination meeting of all the associations of the Region 2. Therefore, our association wants to thank the President of the ICEC Kwadwo Osei-Asante from Ghana, The ICEC Secretary-General, Peter Smith from Australia and The ICEC Region 2 Director Alec Ray from UK.

We are also pleased to inform you that the next ICEC congress in 2020 will be in Accra (Ghana). We thank for the presentation of the project and for invitation the ICEC Region 3 Director, Kofi Obeng – Ayirebi, who is the responsible for the organization of such congress. You will find all the information on AICE web site shortly.

AICE is grateful for the presence of other ICEC representatives: the ICEC Senior Vice Chair, Gianluca di Castri from Italy (who has been past president of the AICE from 2006 to 2011), the ICEC Research Director, Dr. Alexia Nalewaik from USA (past president of both ICEC and AACEi), the ICEC Region Deputy Director for Standards and Professional Development and for Academic Forums/Research in Region 2, Robert de Vries from The Netherlands (also member of the Dutch Association of Cost Engineers).

Special thanks also to all the delegates of other associations who participated who joined us for the AICE Day: AACEi (Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International, also present as Region 9 and Italy Section), APM Ticino (Association of Project Management), the CEEC (European Council of Construction Engineers), the DACE (Dutch Association of Cost Engineering), the IRACE (Iranian Association for Cost Engineering), the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) and the ZPM (Slovenian Project Management Association).

Incidentally, DACE is organizing the 2022 ICEC congress in Rotterdam. Further information on this event will be published in the next future on our website.

A great special thanks also to the Sponsors that helped us to organize this event.

Arcadis Italia S.r.l.

Hexagon PPM

Team System S.p.A.

Thanks to all the companies, institutions and organizations that joined the idea of this event and supported us with their “psychological” support, patronaging this initiative.

Finally, we thank those who in the history of the AICE made it possible to be here today. Thanks to Professor Luigi Pojaga and to Professor Francesco Brambilla that are no more with us but left their mark. During the AICE Day Maria Teresa Broggini Moretto made a special commemoration of the thought of these two “fathers” of the Associazione Italiana di Ingegneria Economica, i.e. the Italian Association for Total Cost Management.

One more time let us thank those who made possible this year’s events.

AICE keeps working hard in order to make our associates even more proud to be part of this association.

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