A seguito della proposta di Gianluca di Castri fatta durante il Consiglio Generale ICEC di realizzare un network mondiale di professionisti, segnaliamo per conto dell’ICEC l’invito ad iscriversi al gruppo Linkedin ICEC – International Cost Engineering Council (Total Cost Management – Project Controls), creato in occasione del congresso ICEC 2014 tenutosi a Milano. Il testo che segue (scritto dallo stesso Ing. Di Castri) illustra le finalità del progetto ed i primi passi da compiere.

Una rete di collaborazione professionale è uno strumento di collaborazione e promozione, non uno strumento commerciale: è possibile descrivere la propria attività, chiedere consigli, esporre problemi, descrivere successi o insuccessi su specifici progetti ma è considerata scorretta una presentazione che abbia carattere esclusivamente commerciale.

A preliminary step for professional networking already exists, it's the LinkedIn group that was created byme some years ago, in order to focus on the World Congress in Milano, 2014, and then kept, as official ICEC group, after the congress. The group can be found at the following link:  https://www.linkedin.com/groups/3419960

It's a multi-purpose group, then not properly a professional work, however could be a good point to start, substantially at no cost.

The group has now (2016, Nov. 5.th) 753 members, majority of them project or cost professional: the group is open, there is no need to belong to any professional association. It is active, the number of member is slowly increasing: however, its  activity should be substantially improved in order to start promoting both, the idea of networking as well as the ICEC as a whole.

The first step of any project relevant to a professional network should be revitalize this group, whose activity in reality is limited to few active members. For doing so I suggest the following steps:

  1. 1.          insert information about all events organized by ICEC associations (exactly like IPMA is doing), it's enough to give a permanent task to the Secretariat in order
    1. a.      to write a note on any new event notified to the ICEC,  with a short summary together with a link to the relevant website or page, if any
    2. b.      to inform about any issue of the Round-Up, together with the relevant link
  2. 2.          encourage all member association to do the same, as well as to send notes and information about their activities of any kind,
  3. 3.          the same could be done with related associations (IPMA it's already using our group to inform about their activities and news)
  4. 4.          starting to write some announcement and open discussions about a professional network. how it works, what for and so on (I could do it)
  5. 5.          A further step, to be carefully taken under consideration, could be to open a similar group on Facebook. However, we should consider that this group will be in conflict with the previous one and, furthermore, that Facebook, at least in theory, should not be the right place for a professional group of interest.

I suggest to start with points (1) to (4), that can start immediately, and to verify how people reacts: if we note that there is a positive reaction, we could draw a project charter for the real network. If we shall be able to start with points (1) to (4) within the end of 2016, as well as to make a decision about point (5), then we can allow three month time to verify how members react and decide whether to continue with this group only or to start with a real "ICEC network project".

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