AICE is a non-profit association whose main objective is to develop and promote the techniques, methods, models and culture of Total Cost Management in Italy. Established in 1979 as Associazione Italiana Cost Engineers (Italian association of Cost Engineers), the name has been changed in 1987 to Associazione Italiana di Ingegneria Economica (which is translated in English as “Italian Association for Total Cost Management) while maintaining its original acronym.

AICE is recognized internationally and is a member of ICEC (International Cost Engineering Council), which includes several Total Cost Management Associationsin the world. Since its beginning, AICE set up and has used its own certification program, that is accredited by ICEC.

november 2022

AICE organizes an online seminar on November 25th from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm titled: NEXT-GENERATION TCM: the Value of TCM in a changing world.

The webinar will be held on Microsoft TEAMS subscriptions at the following LINK.


Speakers: Alfredo Biffi, Emanuele Banchi, Gianluca di Castri, Alessandro Margherita and Agnete Skytte.

Total Cost Management has always been a discipline in constant evolution and as a whole represents a systematic and global approach to the management of value. The first definitions, born with AICE in 1979 and then matured in the following 80s and 90s, have developed over time until arriving in recent years at the TCM model that AICE has been proposing since 2015 as a reference for this discipline (also for Certification issued by AICE in Italy and accredited worldwide by ICEC). With this event, AICE proposes a reflection on the great social, technological and market transformations and their impact on the evolution of the Total Cost Management discipline. Starting from the current models and definitions of TCM, how can we build a "captivating" and high impact future using TCM as a lever? What are the new paradigms that need to be considered in order to develop the tools and professionalism that new trends require today?

The ICEC 2022 World Congress took place on 12/15 June, hosted in Rotterdam by the Dutch association DACE (Dutch Association of Cost Engineers).
AICE participated with presentations and participations in round tables for discussion on the future of Economic Engineering and on ICMS.
We thank Dr. Emanuele Banchi, Eng. Gianluca di Castri and Eng. Daniela Pedrini for their contribution to the event.

AICE, in order to promote a specific associative culture and ensure operational effectiveness, has defined the following strategic guidelines:

Mission: our key purpose
Promote organizational culture and practical professional approaches methodologically oriented to the generation of economic value.

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AICE is coordinated by an Executive Board which is composed of regular members.  The Executive Board is composed by: 

  • Elected  members:
    • Emanuele Banchi - President and ICEC delegate
    • Mario Fiorelli - Vice President
    • Alfredo Biffi - Secretary/Treasurer
    • Giampiero Brioni
    • Andrea Del Grosso
  • Members by right: 
    • Gianluca di Castri - Past President and ICEC Admin. Vice-Chair
    • Giuseppe Catanzano – Past President
    • Antonio Vettese – Past President


The AICE Executive Board for the term 2022-2024 has been elected on 03/12/2021 and it is in charge starting from 1st January 2022 to 31st December 2024.

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Beginning in the 1950's, in response to the postwar need for new professional competencies, structured contents and adequate visibility of these new professions, in various industrial realities reference associations forTotal Cost Management emerged.

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ICEC The International Cost Engineering Council is the international federation of national professional associations  active in total cost management, cost engineering  and quantity surveying. AICE  has been a member of ICEC since 1980. 

The mission of ICEC scope is to identify and promote cooperation between national and multinational  cost engineering, project management and quantity surveying associations and to develop the Total Cost Management discipline worldwide. 

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