Would you like to become more proficient in your profession? Then register for the "Certified Cost Engineer" training. This training provides you with professional tools when it comes to reliable budgeting, planning, risk analysis and control (of costs) of projects. The focus of the course is on the application of Cost Engineering in the process industry (petrochemical, food and beverages, etc.), but parallels will be drawn to other industries such as infrastructure and construction throughout the course.
Certified Cost Engineer (CCE) - The program is accredited by the International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC). After obtaining the diploma you will receive the, by ICEC accredited, title of Certified Cost Engineer (CCE).

For whom? - The training is intended for professionals with a passion for the field of Cost Engineering, such as (Jr.) Cost Engineers, Cost Estimators and Project Control Engineers. They have a completed technical higher professional or university education and relevant work experience, or MBO education with at least 5 years of relevant work experience.

Practical information - The training is in English, it consists of 6 blocks of three days and takes place mostly at locations central in the Netherlands. The first block will start in January 2024 and the training will run until May 2025.

You can register via the application form on the website via this CertifiedCostEngineer-link. We would like to receive your registration before December 15th 2023

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