AICE is carrying out an ambitious research project entitled: "Beyond Total Cost Management (TCM) to Systemic Value Management (SVM)". The project aims to build an innovative definition of the discipline and profession of Total Cost Management, which is undergoing transformation induced by the great socio-technical challenges and new business management and innovation models. The evolution towards a Systemic Value Management logic is necessary to adopt a more systemic vision which safeguards all the multiple dimensions of value generated and sustainability from an ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) perspective.

The initial phase of the project (literature analysis and conceptual development) ended with the publication, in October 2022, of the article "Beyond Total Cost Management (TCM) to Systemic Value Management (SVM): Transformational Trends and a Research "Manifesto for an evolving discipline" in the open access journal Sustaninabiliy (MDPI, ISSN: 2071-1050). The work provided a preliminary description of the SVM conceptual framework.

 During 2023, the research team therefore developed an analysis and feedback collection model and developed a questionnaire to be submitted to a large group of professionals and experts in the TCM world. The analysis of the responses will allow us to refine the SVM model and therefore share it in the international community.

We hope to produce the preliminary results of the research by the end of 2023. At an academic level, the research will lead to a refinement of current knowledge on systemic approaches to managing projects and businesses in complex scenarios. On a professional level, the research will offer managers and executives a qualified basis to implement innovative development projects in the TCM sector.

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