ICEC 2014 Congress

L'ICEC ha assegnato all'AICE l'organizzazione del congresso mondiale del 2014. In questa sezione presentiamo il progetto e una sintesi dell'evento.

AICE has been appointed from ICEC for the organisation of the ICEC World Congress 2014 in Milano. In this section we present the project and some reports about the event.

The proceedings of the IX ICEC World Congress are available for download. The file is in ".rar" format and its content is protected by password. ICEC 2014 World Congress delegates and participants have received the proceedings during the event. Anyone interested may contact the AICE secretery (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for instructions on payment.

The price is:

  • AICE associates: € 50
  • Associates of other organizations belonging to the ICEC: € 50 + VAT
  • Others: € 150 + VAT

To download the file, click on the following link:  archive  ICEC 2014 Proceedings (81.86 MB)

After a long travel, we arrived at the end of the IX ICEC 2014 World Congress, held in Milan last 20th, 21st and 22nd October 2014.
It was a really engaging journey, full of opportunities of professional meeting and exchange for all participants.
Total Cost Management experts (Cost Engineers, Project Controllers, Risk Managers, ecc..), coming from all over the world, gathered together in Milan, hosting for the first time in ICEC Congress history such a significant event.

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La fotogallery del congresso ICEC 2014 è pubblicata in questa sezione. 
The ICEC 2014 World Congress Photogallery is posted on this section. 

Thanking for the kind concession, we quote, here below, the welcome speech of President of AICE, Emanuele Banchi, to the IX ICEC World Congress, held in Milan last 20th,21st and 22nd October.

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