AICE and RICS Italia, together with the main associative and academic institutions, introduce the ICMS - pdf International Construction Measurement Standards (4.48 MB)  to the Italian construction sector.

The spread of ICMS in Italy will allow greater transparency in the measurement of the costs of individual projects, from their conception to their finished product with actual benefits in terms of financial and operational management. This is a fundamental job to make the Italian construction sector more competitive and transparent and to standardize it for the most advanced international markets.

The project will be formally launched in the Italian market during the AICE event titled: "RECOVERY PLAN: PROJECT SET UP AND MANAGEMENT - A reference proposal from those who implement the projects!" ( to be held on February 5th, 2021.

The ICMS are the result of the work of an international Coalition made up of about fifty professional and non-profit associations (including AICE and RICS) which developed and published the first edition of these standards with the title "International Construction Measurement Standards: Global Consistency in Presenting Construction Costs " in 2017.

The second edition was then published in 2019 with the new title "ICMS: Global Consistency in Presenting Construction and Other Life Cycle Costs" (downloadable at this link: pdf Standard Internazionali di Misurazione delle Costruzioni (4.48 MB) )

Compared to the original 2017 edition, the second edition expanded the scope of reference of the ICMS to include additional types of work (buildings, infrastructure and installations of various types, mines) but above all to define the metrics of cost analysis considering the entire life cycle of the work (from conception to disposal), in perfect harmony with the fundamental values of Economic Engineering and Total Cost Management. These standards therefore allow a correct and complete comparative analysis between different construction projects carried out (or to be carried out) also in different countries, thus responding to a need expressed by the major world economic organizations, including the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations.

The project saw the collaboration of the principal Italian associative and academic institutions of Real Estate and the built environment, organized into a Technical Committee and a Scientific Commission which, in addition to having taken care of the translation of the original document, intervened with notes and comments to highlight the differences and distances between international standards and the reality of our market.


Emanuele Banchi (AICE)
Massimiliano Pulice (RICS Italia)


Davide Albertini Petroni (ULI Italy)
Danilo Arba (AACEi - ICEC)
Marco Alvise Bragadin (Università di Bologna)
Gianandrea Ciaramella (Politecnico di Milano)
Emanuela Curtoni (Assolombarda)
Regina De Albertis (ANCE Giovani)
Gianluca di Castri (AICE - ICEC)
Marzia Morena (Politecnico di Milano)
Daniela Pedrini (SIAIS)
Silvia Rovere (Assoimmobiliare)
Guido Silvestroni (AICE)
Antonio Vettese (AICE - OICE)


Domenico Carlo Cottone (AICE)
Nunzia Moliterni (RICS Italia)
Claudia Scarcella (RICS Italia)
Francesco Solustri (AICE)

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