ICEC 2014 Congress

L'ICEC ha assegnato all'AICE l'organizzazione del congresso mondiale del 2014. In questa sezione presentiamo il progetto e una sintesi dell'evento.

AICE has been appointed from ICEC for the organisation of the ICEC World Congress 2014 in Milano. In this section we present the project and some reports about the event.

{jcomments off}The AICE (Italian Association for Total Cost Management) has been preliminarily put in charge by the ICEC Region II meeting in Roma on November 2008, to organize the world congress in Milano for year 2014. The original proposal, submitted at that time, was revised at the Region II meeting in Paris on October, 2009, where AICE submitted its proposal for a research project on the body of knowledge of our profession, in order to verify similarities and discrepancies between the body of knowledge of the various ICEC association as well as to carry on the corresponding check between ICEC and other project management associations such as IPMA and PMI.

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